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You know the classic sitcom scenario: It’s Valentine’s Day, early in the morning, and a long-married couple is going about their daily ritual. With a glowing smile on her face, the wife extends her arms,  proffering an impeccably wrapped present, eager to see her husband’s reaction when he lays his eyes on her carefully selected gift, a signal of her undying love. Of course, she hand-selects the most perfect representation of her love for, and knowledge of, her life partner. But inevitably, the husband’s face drops and reveals that look of pure panic as he realizes he completely forgot to pick up anything. And so begins the scramble to rectify the situation.

While cliché plots like this are regular go-to’s in sitcom life and always result in laughs, the same cannot be said when you miss crucial events pertaining to your workforce. Successful business leaders like yourself need to be on their game, but we understand that, with so much going on, things can slip. That’s where our solution comes into play.

For example, let’s say you have a policy requiring your fleet vehicles to undergo routine maintenance based on mileage. Our solution lets you establish those parameters so you’re alerted when each vehicle is ready to be checked. Because, unlike a missed Valentine’s Day gift, overlooked maintenance is much more likely to eventually result in a costly breakdown rather than a day full of shenanigans.

Let’s say an out-of-commission vehicle costs your business, on average, $600 in lost revenue each day it can’t be used. Add to that a repair bill of $2,000 and you’re out $6,200, simply from mistakenly overlooking regular maintenance.

With our solution, this becomes one less thing you need to keep front of mind. So, while we can’t help you keep track of those oh-so-important romantic dates, we can at least help ensure that you won’t find yourself in a less-than-amusing scramble to bounce back from neglected vehicle maintenance.

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