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Our software for workforce management provides multiple tools that can help HVAC workforces, but two key features in particular help these companies provide better customer service, as well as gain and retain more business: Job Dispatching and Mobile Timekeeping. These functionalities combine to help HVAC technicians be more productive and efficient on a daily basis.

Job Dispatching

With options for both scheduling or on-the-fly assignment changes, our platform’s Job Dispatching feature helps HVAC technicians reach more customer locations during each shift they work. It enables your techs to receive near real-time updates about the next job, without taking them away from their current one, eliminating downtime and streamlining output. For new jobs that come in, you can also easily reassign the nearest available tech, further maximizing your HVAC company’s ability to do business and be more attentive to customer service requests. Plus, plan out technician schedules in advance with Dispatching Scheduler, a digital tool that makes it easy to set up your staff’s daily agendas. Simply drag and drop orders onto worker timelines from our solution’s dashboard to assign them to certain jobs in the field for truly efficient customer service. Give your customers the most accurate times for when they can expect a technician to arrive at their location.

Mobile Timekeeping

Mobile Timekeeping allows your staff to clock in and out remotely from our software’s handset application. An average of 30 minutes of drive time to the office to clock in and another 30 minutes at the end of the day to clock out takes up an hour of unnecessary drive time per day for each of your technicians; Mobile Timekeeping lets them begin their workdays as soon as they leave their homes and travel to their first job site, further optimizing productivity for your operation. According to ZipRecruiter, the average HVAC technician makes $24 per hour; that’s a productivity savings of almost $120 per week, per technician (in a five-day work week) just by eliminating trips to the office simply to clock in and out. Across a team of 12 HVAC technicians and on an annual basis, that results in a savings of nearly $74,880.

Use our solution’s Job Dispatching and Mobile Timekeeping features in tandem to help your HVAC company serve more customers daily and provide truly optimized service to your existing ones.

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