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Plumbing businesses need ways to better manage their workers while they’re at work in the field, as well as ways to increase customer satisfaction, garner new business without exhausting any current resources, and remove paperwork delays. All of these important aspects of business can be effectively handled through the use of an end-to-end service management platform, much like what we at Actsoft offer. Our software solution is designed to help plumbing companies (and other types of field service businesses) be more efficient and productive by facilitating better office-to-field communication. Here are a few specific ways our application can help businesses in the plumbing industry thrive.

Digital Documentation

The service tickets, work orders, and other types of forms your plumbers routinely fill out while at customer locations can all be digitized with Wireless Forms. Analog processes like completing and submitting documents by hand take away valuable time from your crew daily, which could be better spent allowing them to serve more customer needs. Plus, handwritten service tickets open up a whole new world of possibilities for illegibility, errors in translation, and physical loss to occur. Save both time and money with an electronic alternative that allows you to get information from the field almost immediately, reduce paper costs, and streamline operations.

Enhanced Scheduling

There’s a way for you to effectively plan your plumbers’ daily visits via our platform’s Dispatching Scheduler and Job Dispatching features. For assigning initial work orders, use Dispatching Scheduler’s color-coded, drag-and-drop dashboard in advance of each new workday, and if any adjustments need to be made on the fly, you’re able to do so by rerouting your nearest available plumber to a new customer location. Both of these features work together to save your company more available labor and reduce unproductive downtime.

Greater Productivity and Time Back

Our solution’s Mobile Timekeeping feature helps your plumbers begin their days quicker (without an unnecessary trip to the office just to clock in) by letting them register time punches from its mobile device app. Fit in more customer visits per plumber per day, by allowing your employees to travel to their first job directly after clocking in remotely. Mobile Timekeeping also offers compatible integration with many other types of third-party systems you may already be using, such as QuickBooks Online, Kronos, ADP, and more, making it easy to get data from our platform imported into the payroll or accounting software of your choosing.

These are just three simple ways that our all-in-one application helps plumbing companies like yours maximize their potential and increase bottom-line profits. For more information about what our platform can do for you, click the button below to easily set up a quick, personalized webinar.

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