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At Actsoft, we’ve built a software solution that helps plumbing companies more effectively increase their output and drive more revenue while giving them additional digital capabilities to lower their costs of operation. Here is a specific example of how a plumbing company was able to use our all-in-one platform to enhance its workflows and address some of the specific issues it faced, particularly when it came to maximizing all available resources.

The Problems

A plumbing company needed a solution to manage the difficulties it experienced related to unoptimized scheduling, paperwork delays, and a general lack of field insight. They needed a way to more effectively serve customers in need of urgent plumbing fixes, as well as something for documenting service tickets faster. The company also was using traditional paper work orders and time cards, which contributed to wasted time and unnecessary trips back to the office for their plumbers; plus, they had little knowledge of where their employees and company vehicles were during working hours.

The Solution

Our software was able to help the plumbing company solve its paperwork inefficiencies via Wireless Forms, a capability that helps them electronically receive their information from the field quicker and more dynamically. The business is also able to now serve more customers by using our solution’s Job Dispatching, GPS Tracking, Mobile Timekeeping, and Dispatching Scheduler features in concert with one another. For on-the-fly repair jobs, they’re able to use this grouping of tools to identify the nearest available plumber to a new customer location and immediately dispatch the employee to it, saving time, fuel expenses, and letting them reach the client faster. Mobile Timekeeping allows the company to have their plumbers clock in and out from mobile devices, and they’re able to maximize each employee’s workday by planning out their visit schedules in advance. Our platform’s Public Forms feature gives them the ability to accept new service requests from customers at any time of day digitally, even after work hours conclude.

These are just a few of the ways we can help address the needs of companies in the plumbing industry, and with constant enhancements being added to our service management platform, the power (and value) it can deliver to your organization is continuously increasing.

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