Plumbing business using digital solutions to improve service

Wireless Forms is a standout feature of our all-in-one platform for plumbing companies because of its ability to enhance efficiency, detail, and time management for their plumbers while they’re working at job sites. Here’s a closer look at how this functionality helps plumbing companies improve the ways they do business.

Digital Service Tickets

Service tickets and other types of forms your plumbing company uses can be digitized with Wireless Forms, enabling your company to process them faster and more dynamically. Attach photos, digital signatures, or audio clips to your service tickets to help process them faster, verify that a job was completed, and get customer confirmations on any piping fixes or installations that were performed.

Remove Paperwork Delays

Wireless Forms helps eliminate the time costs associated with transporting paper forms manually back to the office, giving your plumbers more time to spend at customer locations instead. By sending information back to the office electronically, it’s easier for them to provide more attentive service to your customers, helping your company enhance its reputation even further and potentially retain more business. Plus, enjoy savings from both a reduction in fuel costs and paper purchasing!

Reduce Illegibility and Data Loss

Electronic data entry for your plumbing company’s documents helps lower the potential for your forms to be misread or misplaced, leading to loss of data. Saved copies of your digital forms allow you to access them at any time; with typed-in information versus handwritten, they’re also easier to read and process.

Speed Up the Repair Process and Gain More Detail

Enable your plumbers to complete the logistical side of things quicker when it comes to installing or repairing piping by streamlining documentation at the job-site level. Dynamic fields and decision logic work together to guide your plumbers through the form-completion process quickly by presenting them with only the most relevant fields of a digital form that require input, while also allowing them to include other more in-depth data types that handwritten forms can’t provide.

Wireless Forms helps plumbing companies become more efficient and save money and drive more revenue by reducing their paper costs, as well as time spent filling out documentation. Many types of plumbing companies are currently turning to digital forms (and workforce management solutions in general) to modernize and streamline the ways they do business; how will you use our software to give your business a boost?

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