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It’s that time of year again: National college basketball tournaments are underway! Due to COVID-19, last year’s were canceled, but this year, they’re once again back in full swing and in classic fashion, with plenty of upsets of lower-seeded teams over higher ones to go around.

The team that makes it through an entire tournament as the last one standing is always the one that’s most in sync, communicating effectively, and playing to its strengths.

Similarly, our solution helps you improve your team’s cohesion and win more customers by providing you with tools for managing employees remotely, as well as enhancing communication with them and their ability to take on more tasks at once.

Effectively handle all your workforce’s operations using our application, whether you’re in the office or away from it. Its Manager App even provides the ability for you to see statistics and direct mobile staff to new assignments with ease, from a handset device. Access all of our platform’s functionalities on the go to stay constantly connected.

Filling out brackets is another big part of what makes March Madness so entertaining, but it’s nearly impossible to have a perfect one. The odds of selecting a perfect bracket are one in 120.2 billion, making it easy to put into perspective why one’s never occurred in the entire history of any tournament. Even though having some knowledge of the teams and matchups increases your chances of filling out a fully correct one, it’s still nearly impossible to accomplish.

Thankfully, however, the same won’t be said for your business when you use our application. When you’re equipped with more knowledge about how your workforce is performing from our platform’s data-collecting capabilities, you can make more informed decisions, rather than having to strictly guess at how to best manage things. This helps you run a more perfected operation that’s optimized for both productivity and efficiency.

Time will tell who this year’s March Madness winners will be, but with our solution, you won’t have to wait to guide your workforce past the pain points it’s currently dealing with. And with upgrades constantly being added, we’re always looking for ways to help you win more business and stay a step ahead of your competition.

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