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In the oil and gas sector, safety is critical, especially for employees that either refine flammable substances like petroleum or for those that harvest other potentially dangerous chemicals. Our platform helps businesses in this industry keep their engineers and technicians safer through improved insight, strengthened communication channels, and other digital tools that work to improve cost efficiency and productivity at the same time.

Here’s an example of how such a company can use our solution to enhance the ways they conduct their typical operations.

The Problems

An oil and gas company experienced difficulties making sure safety protocols were regularly being followed during day-to-day tasks, as traditional paperwork they processed, like oil rig inspections and safety checklists, were inefficient to fill out by hand, difficult to read at times, and costly to process. They also needed a way to establish more reliable communication between their drilling engineers in the field or on offshore rigs and their supervisors, as oftentimes new directives would get lost in translation or be received too slowly (particularly in the event of a mission-critical situation). Other issues related to output were also holding their workforce back, such as their land-based employees having to drive to the office to clock in and out before going out into the field or finishing up work for the day, which took away from time spent on the job performing work.

The Solution

With our software, the company digitally transformed all of its paper processes, which results in consistent savings of both time and money. Plus, they’re able to reduce errors related to handwriting on their safety and rig inspection sheets. Intra-Company Messaging makes it easier for the company’s home base to get near real-time updates on operations from their different offshore platforms, as well as provide the maintenance technicians on them with new instructions. GPS Tracking is another valuable feature that helps their organization get a bird’s-eye view of all operations and be more equipped to respond faster if an emergency occurs since they’ll know exactly where the situation is developing via pinpointed GPS locations (and which employees are currently there). Our solution’s versatility also allows the oil and gas company to easily integrate it into existing operations, as its compatibility with many different types of ultra-rugged smartphone models allows their engineers to have a reliable pairing of heavy-duty devices and software that helps them stay safer and more productive.

Our platform is built to help oil and gas companies like yours maximize efficiency and safety during everyday operations. Learn more about what we can do to help you reduce bottom-line costs and keep your engineers’ security the highest priority today.

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