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The official deadline for tax filing was extended to May 17 this year, in light of economic impacts from COVID-19. If your organization was hit especially hard financially this tax season, there are other ways you can improve its bottom-line savings, particularly via the use of our software. Our platform helps reduce your operational costs by digitally transforming your workflows via a suite of features that all work in tandem with one another.

Wireless Forms

Digital documentation is a great way to save your company valuable amounts of time each day. With zero physical paperwork to be done via our software, your savings come from fewer delays, clerical errors, and overall costs associated with buying paper. Earn a return on investment while conducting your current processes and workflows, simply with the power of automation providing a more efficient means of doing so.

GPS Tracking

If you have a fleet of business vehicles that are in use daily, managing maintenance schedules, fuel budgets, and even safeguarding them can be a lot to take care of at the same time. Thankfully, our solution’s GPS Tracking feature can help you with all of these at once. See the near real-time positions of your vehicles in the field at any given time and use the solution’s dashboard to review individual service cadences for your vehicles. Plus, if any of your employees are idling for too long or driving in ways that consume excess fuel (such as by speeding or harshly accelerating), you can receive on-the-fly updates that help you identify and put a stop to these behaviors.

Mobile Timekeeping

If your employees had a way to clock in and out remotely, what more would they be able to accomplish daily? Our software enables these via mobile devices, helping your field staff make fewer gas-wasting trips to the office just to clock in and out at the beginning and end of workdays. Put more money in your pocket by eliminating the hassles of a stationary time-punch system for your team.

While you’re still waiting for your tax refund to process, allow our software to help you gain returns in other areas of your business nearly instantly. Schedule a quick, free demo today to learn more about the other powerful capabilities of our application that can help you run a more financially prudent operation.

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