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Client Custom Fields, one of our most recent features, is a valuable new way for companies in any industry to serve their customers more efficiently. However, for this week, we’ll specifically be taking a look at how the electrical industry can benefit from using this tool to better segment their customer lists and make more informed business decisions.

Client Custom Fields works by allowing your system administrators to create special categories for different clients in your customer database within the Job Dispatching module on Mobile Workforce Plus. By giving you the ability to create up to 100 different custom client fields, this tool makes it easier to find information you’re looking for, track more relevant types of data to your organization, and find smarter ways to provide service.

Client Custom Fields for the Electrical Industry

Whether it’s for businesses performing residential or commercial electrical work, Client Custom Fields is essential to enhancing the customer’s experience. In addition to the power of further data tailoring, being able to filter customer lists by common denominators such as location, type of business or home, and other categories you define makes it easier to send out the right types of electricians nearly instantly. Plus, for recurring customers, having record of previous electrical service history allows information that’s provided to those customers to be sorted by last service date or parts used, helping to streamline work order entry.

In residential electrical work, dispatchers can use this feature to attach instructions about job sites in communities that require specific instructions to enter. With an editable Notes section able to be filled out on a customer-by-customer level, any distinct directions can be updated one time and saved for all future orders for a particular client, saving your team time and allowing its mobile electricians to reach those locations quicker.

Client Custom Fields is a diverse tool that can assist multiple different industries. These applications of it for the electrical vertical are just a glimpse of how segmenting client lists and streamlining information flow enables companies to pursue more new business and also take better care of their existing customers.

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