Residential construction

Mobile Workforce Plus, our end-to-end service management platform, provides more intuitive features to your construction workforce beyond just simple GPS tracking. Its ability to help your administrators communicate from the office to the field via desktop-to-handset integration allows you to gain a clearer picture of project statuses in near real-time, as well as respond quicker in the event of any emergencies.

MWP Features For Construction

With features like Job Dispatching and Intra-Company Messaging, MWP makes it easier for you and your team to coordinate project schedules and get information from the construction site in near real-time. Using Job Dispatching, your crew can become more versatile and productivity can be optimized with revised work orders. If something in a workflow needs to be altered or if a project needs to be changed, you can easily communicate the revision(s) to your construction crew on the fly to limit downtime and increase output.

Intra-Company Communication

Plus, our Intra-Company Messaging feature simplifies the process of gaining knowledge from the field nearly instantly. You can send messages to one or multiple workers at the site and receive updates from them digitally, as well as go back and reference any previous conversations, if needed. This tool helps you boost both productivity and transparency for your workforce, as past messages can be reviewed for accuracy, guidance, and relevancy. In the event of a critical scenario, you’re also able to use Intra-Company Messaging to distribute information to multiple employees on the fly, helping to enhance safety.

Improved communication helps you make better decisions overall for your construction workforce and maintain regular updates on how things are going. With the ability to help further enhance the ways your construction operation communicates, it’s clear that our software solution is the right choice for your team, allowing it to stay more on track with project timelines and increase safety levels at the same time.

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