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A plumbing company was searching for a way to identify where their on-the-clock plumbers were in near real-time so they could provide accurate estimates to their customers about when to expect service. With some kind of solution for keeping in contact with their customers and letting them know about potential delays, they could mitigate instances of poor service and serve more people daily.

Our software is able to help the plumbing company gain a feature for keeping their customers constantly informed of where their scheduled plumber is, at virtually any time. Using our RESTful APIs, an email notification can be generated and sent to the customer when the status of an order changes. In addition to keeping customers happier using this functionality, the plumbing company is also empowered to make smarter decisions that are backed by data about how to best manage their available resources. Additional communication methods like email notifications provide a more personalized experience for each of their customers and give them a better means of keeping track of work order progress. Through the power of email notifications, the plumbing company provides better experiences for its customers and also understands more effectively how to best assign its plumbers, particularly when new emergency customer requests come in.

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