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An internet service provider wanted a way to communicate more efficiently with their customers. Specifically, they wanted to be able to provide them with a digital notice that work was completed at their location once service was successfully performed, a new router was installed, or a repair was made. This capability would also be able to help them keep track of completed work orders dynamically.

Wireless Forms on Mobile Workforce Plus allow the company’s field technicians to document the entire work order process, as well as even take photos during the process of a job via its photo capture capability. Completed installations of routers and wiring would validate to customers that their location was visited and that their service was successfully up and running. Once a digital document is complete, the technician has the option to send a copy of the completed work order (with the installation photos included) to the customer via email, making it easier to communicate with them on the fly and keep them in the know. Due to a much more thorough and personalized customer experience, the internet service provider is able to gain and retain more business.

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