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A landscaping company wanted to have a way to create a work order for a customer who needed to have yard maintenance done every Tuesday at 10 a.m. This capability would enable them to take better care of not just this client in particular, but all future regular clients as well.

With the integration capabilities of our software and the help of our Professional Services team, the landscaping company can have a workflow built out with Microsoft Flow to streamline recurring work orders. Accessing Actsoft’s APIs allows the company to create new work orders based off of a completed work order from the previous week. Any time a customer needs to be visited on the same day and time exactly one week from their last visit, the previous work order can be exported and then reimported into our software as a new one, created for the same time and day a week from then. In doing this, the landscaping company can provide better service to their customers and make it easier to manage their employees’ schedules.

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