Electrician using wiring diagram to make repairs

Prior to sending out an electrician to perform an estimate at a new customer’s location, an electrical company wanted a way to attach wiring diagrams to their installation estimate forms. By doing this, they’d be able to streamline the process of estimates by giving their electricians more information at the job-site level. Being able to identify the problems and costs associated with a fix (while having documentation attached to the work order) would help them speed up the process.

Our software can help the electrical company do this by including a link within their digital installation sheets. Saving a document with relevant technical information for their electricians to a cloud software solution and including that link as part of a Wireless Form field can enable their employees to easily access it, whenever needed. Due to giving estimates faster using this capability, the electrical company can take on more business daily, performing more work at customer locations. They’re also able to save money on the regular cost of paper, as their electricians are accessing the specs they need via mobile device, rather than via traditional sheets.

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