Security guard at work

A security company needed to keep their guards accountable for stopping at the proper checkpoints on a patrol route. As their employees typically work within a building, where GPS is not always available, it was critical for them to be able to know when a stop was made at the correct checkpoints, so they could verify their customers were being taken care of efficiently.

Using our software, this security company was able to provide additional accountability for their guards by mounting NFC tags to certain locations on their routes their employees were expected to stop at. This would be done via an NFC scanning field on a standalone form module. By having their guards scan these NFC tags, the security company would have a way to gain insight on how long it took to get to a new checkpoint by measuring the time it took between each one. With an effective tool for monitoring checkpoint activity, the security company was able to ensure their guards were on task and doing the necessary work a shift required.

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