Executive using Mobile Workforce Plus to optimize workflows with API integrations

Making sure your business is staying flexible and adaptable while stretching all your resources to their maximum is an integral part to being successful. That doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your internal processes, but instead you can add a key ingredient to your operation that empowers every part of your workforce to work smarter for you. Optimizing your workforce management with API integrations through Mobile Workforce Plus helps you take your business to the next level.

What Are API Integrations?

API (application programming interface) integrations are connections between applications that exchange data. Mobile Workforce Plus allows for companies to integrate their existing software platforms with ours to make workforce management more seamless and centralized.

There are five kinds of API data our solution offers:

  • Order history and records for quality control, proof of service, and checklist verification.
  • Client and user list integrations to keep detailed information on all users involved with your business.
  • GPS positions for employees in the field, assets, and fleet vehicles to keep your workforce accountable and efficient.
  • Data from digital forms to make information processing easier and to integrate with alternative software for more consolidated storage.
  • Timekeeping integrations that can help with accounting and payroll systems like QuickBooks Online and Kronos.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

A great benefit of optimizing your workforce management with API integrations is the reduced manual data entry your workforce would have to do. When everything having to do with workforce management across your business and third-party platforms can be consolidated into one place, you save precious time and money handling the simple administrative tasks and enable your workers to do more with their time.

Digitization of data through API integrations helps you cut back on paper costs and inefficiencies handling paper such as loss of documents or inaccuracies as well.

Gain Deeper Business Insights

The digitization of your workforce management extends into other areas of optimization, such as gaining deeper insights into your business. With API integrations through Mobile Workforce Plus, you can easily identify inefficiencies in your business and access the information you need, whenever you need it.

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