Business manager using Wireless Forms feature of Mobile Workforce Plus to streamline operations

Every business has a different set of goals they’d like to pursue. Some want to increase revenue while lowering costs, others want to go digital and become more eco-friendly. No matter what your business’s goals may be, the Wireless Forms feature in Mobile Workforce Plus provides digitized solutions to optimizing your workforce management strategy. How you leverage the importance of Wireless Forms for your business will impact how well your company positions itself for long-term growth.

Return on Investment

Most businesses have the main goal of making and saving money. With MWP’s Wireless Forms feature, you can easily do both to yield an immediate return on investment. Saving on paper costs and inefficiencies by digitizing paperwork allows you to streamline workflows for mobile employees in the field as well as office workers on the administrative side. This optimized process makes your business more flexible and able to service customers dynamically.

So not only does Wireless Forms save you money on paper, ink, and all those tangible office equipment pieces, but it also saves you precious time and alleviates mundane steps in the workflow process while reducing any inaccuracies in paperwork or lost documents. The intangible ROI is just as high as saving on physical assets and resources.


Wireless Forms isn’t just about saving a few trees; its features run far deeper than that. Mobile workers in the field can use photo capture to attach vital pictures to digital forms while on the job for increased accuracy. Decision Logic allows for digital forms to be easily navigated based on drop-down box choices for questions on the form, making it a seamless user experience and eliminating potential mistakes. Invoice calculations and digital receipts emailed to customers are other functions that can benefit you and your employees. All of this can be accessed through one application on a single mobile device, making it easy for everyone in your company to use.

The Foundation for More

MWP’s Wireless Forms can also serve as the foundation to maximizing the potential of your business. Digitized paperwork, documentation, and processes mean you can utilize other features of MWP such as Mobile Timekeeping or Job Dispatching. Mobile Workforce Plus isn’t just a software platform or resource; it serves as your workforce management partner designed to help you optimize your business and help it reach its full potential.

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