Solar energy worker at clean energy power plant utilizing Mobile Workforce Plus to streamline workflow

Solar energy companies can use Mobile Workforce Plus to become more efficient with their time and resources, enabling them to perform more installations or repairs at commercial or residential locations. Here are four key ways our software for solar energy workers speeds up processes and allows managers to gain more detail about their business’s operations away from the office.

Wireless Forms

As your engineers are completing solar panel installations in the field, they’re able to document their work in near real-time electronically via digital forms. Dispatchers can monitor the progress of a job dynamically with attached photos of completed installations on each form. Plus, with Mobile Payments, it’s even easier to streamline the work order process, no matter where your employees are. Your engineers can process payments for solar panel installations, repairs, and more directly at customer locations within your company’s digital form templates.

GPS Tracking

In addition to being able to track your vehicles and some types of equipment for security purposes, MWP’s GPS Tracking feature allows you to monitor your engineers during working hours via mobile device tracking. Locational data helps you verify that your staff are actually at the proper customer locations they’re supposed to be at, instilling greater accountability and productivity for your workforce.

Job Dispatching

After one work order is complete, our software’s Job Dispatching tool makes it easy for you to take on more jobs by letting you reroute individual engineers on the fly to new work locations. Install more solar panels and be better equipped to handle increased demand by using this feature to limit downtime for your employees and keep them more focused on serving customers.

Mobile Timekeeping

Further optimize the amount of time your engineers can spend performing solar panel installations or repairs by letting them clock in and out upon entering their assigned work vehicles for the day. By eliminating needless trips to the office to punch in or out, your engineers can spend more time in the field and potentially even take on an extra job per day each, resulting in much higher weekly and annual revenue for your business.

Demand for greener, more cost-effective technologies such as solar energy is sure to continue increasing as the future progresses. Similarly, help your solar energy company become greener and more financially sound using MWP’s multiple included features to refine any slow, expensive, and outdated processes that are currently holding it back.

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