HR manager exporting accurate timesheet data from Mobile Timekeeping within TeamWherx into payroll software.

Situation: A leasing company wanted an easy way to upload employee timekeeping data to its current payroll system. They had recently invested in a new payroll software and were interested in understanding how to integrate existing workforce management processes into the new system.

Solution: Mobile Workforce Plus helped the leasing company export employee timekeeping data via .CSV files (flat file exports). With MWP, the company’s managers are now able to quickly review all appropriate time entries, approve or deny the entries, and then easily import the approved ones into their payroll system.

Impact: As a result, the company has greater control over timekeeping data and can better identify if any unnecessary overtime was logged improperly. Being able to export .CSV files saves the company considerable time and money, while better leveraging their investment in compatible systems such as payroll. Plus, the managers were able to better track workers anywhere with our solution and manage the data from one place, leading to better control of wage and hour compliance.

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