Home remodeling contractor laying tiles after importing customer data from Google Sheets into Mobile Workforce Plus

Situation: A home remodeling company needed to have backups of the data that was submitted from the field using Mobile Workforce Plus’ forms. Typically, the company used Google Sheets (on their Google Drive account) to securely save and backup records. However, they discovered that the typical backup process was taking up too much of the back-office’s time on a regular basis.

Solution: MWP’s compatibility with Google Sheets enabled the home remodeling company to integrate form data with the documents they used as backup records, removing much of the back-and-forth and headaches associated with duplicate data entry.

Impact: By integrating MWP’s digital form data with Google Sheets, the home remodeling company is able to save more time and better optimize the use of resources. Now, the back-office staff is freed up to focus on customer-focused priorities such as order dispatching and ensuring that service requests are being efficiently taken care of. Plus, they now have two ways – Mobile Workforce Plus and Google Sheets – to review historical form submissions.

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