Snowplowing companies can quickly pivot and add new work orders to meet the changes in seasonal demand due to weather by using our mobile workforce management platform linked to Dropbox

Situation: A snowplowing company wanted to sync images of areas where snow removal was needed to corresponding work orders so their employees could get a more accurate picture of work required.

Solution: Mobile Workforce Plus offers an ability to integrate with Dropbox, allowing the snow removal business to upload images corresponding to work orders to Dropbox, generate shared links, and pull them into the MWP application.

Impact: With the power of this integration, the snowplowing company can help put their employees in a better position at the start of a job to accurately survey what needs to be done, as well as identify the scope of the project with detailed visuals of land needing snow removal. The company is able to provide better satisfaction to their customers with more realistic timeframes for completion, while saving money at the same time by reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

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