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Pool construction companies routinely face obstructions to their day-to-day workflows, making it harder for them to stay on track with project timelines, provide optimized customer experiences, and truly know what’s going on in the field. These difficulties range from workers spending too much time on outdated, traditional processes like paperwork and analog timesheets to company administrators lacking real-time visibility on job progress. With TeamWherx™, however, pool construction companies can address business challenges effectively by having an all-in-one digital platform to coordinate all their operations. Here are three critical features of TeamWherx™ that allow these types of businesses to maximize revenue and savings.

Handset Tracking

Handset Tracking makes it easy for managers and dispatchers back at a pool construction company’s home office to see GPS locations of their workers in the field while they’re clocked in via mobile devices. It helps construction businesses instill greater accountability in their workforces, as they’re able to verify employees are where they should be during the course of each workday. With greater insight and accountability, pool construction companies can help keep productivity optimized by reducing unnecessary idling and time spent away from job sites.

Wireless Forms

With Wireless Forms, TeamWherx™’s digital alternative to paper forms, pool construction companies can reduce the costs and delays of paperwork for their businesses and also gain more details about project progress. Workers can complete electronic versions of their usual paperwork faster with both decision logic and nearly instant form submissions by simply pressing a button on their smartphones or tablets. Wireless Forms also allows workers to attach audio clips and photos of pool construction phases to each form, allowing their supervisors to monitor job progress dynamically and verify work is being done according to schedule.

Mobile Timekeeping

In addition to Handset Tracking and Wireless Forms, TeamWherx™ offers a solution for time tracking with its Mobile Timekeeping capability. Pool construction companies can allow their staff to cut out wasteful trips to the office at the start and end of each day (trips that would usually be done just so they could clock in and out as needed) by enabling them to do so remotely using our software’s mobile app.

Mobile Timekeeping gives your construction workers the power to increase output by letting them register time-punches either directly at customer locations or upon entering their work vehicles for the day. This essential feature works to save your business fuel and time lost on dispensable drive time.

TeamWherx™ was built for pool construction companies, giving them multiple ways to increase their capacity to take on new business and complete more jobs to satisfactory levels. Learn more about our software’s potential for your workforce today via a simple, free demo.

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