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Scenario: A pest control company used Insightly (a CRM software) to create new customer profiles and better manage their existing clients. However, as they also used the TeamWherx™ platform to coordinate their exterminators’ day-to-day schedules, they didn’t want to have to create these customer profiles twice (once in each application).

Solution: With our software’s integration capabilities, the company was able to establish a link between Insightly and TeamWherx™, eliminating the need to create new customer profiles manually in both platforms. Any time a new client was generated in Insightly, the data could be easily and automatically inputted into TeamWherx™.

Impact: With the power of this integration, the pest control company reduces errors and the possibility of duplicate data entry that could potentially confuse their exterminators in the field when receiving new work orders. Reducing manual processes like these helps the business save additional resources, spend more time serving their customers, and keep everything truly accurate.

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