Inventory management with a workforce management software

Inventory management is a critical component of any business, no matter if you’re providing tangible products to your customers and/or serving them with trades or skillsets. Keeping a truly accurate count of what materials, equipment, or goods you have benefits your organization and your customers in a variety of way. Without proper visibility into your inventory at any time, you could be limiting your employees’ ability to control and manage your offerings, which can hurt your company financially. TeamWherx™, our end-to-end platform, makes inventory management faster and easier by providing real-time insight into where your employees are and where key products are located at any time.

Features of TeamWherx™ for Inventory Management

TeamWherx™ offers multiple different features within a single digital platform to enhance inventory management. These include:

  • Wireless Forms (with photo capture and signature capture), which allows employees to complete more dynamic inventory checks from mobile devices. Managers can digitally sign off on finished checklists once their accuracy is verified.
  • Barcode Scanning, a feature enabling staff to scan barcodes or QR codes of parts, equipment, or products using mobile device cameras.
  • GPS Tracking that locates and monitors any shipments that are being transported, whether they’re headed to a customer’s location, a job site, or a warehouse.

Benefits of TeamWherx™ for Inventory Management

TeamWherx™ drives valuable benefits for your company, including:

  • Enhanced profitability, due to increases in accuracy (via auto-calculations in form fields), reductions in overpayments, and mitigations in inventory shrinkage.
  • Greater visibility into order statuses and an easier ability to perform audits. It also includes features to provide customers with delivery updates in near real-time.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, with easier ways to communicate updates to your clients.
  • Faster inventory checks that help you reduce unnecessary, error-prone manual data entry.
  • Better asset recovery rates, as well as decreased inventory loss from inaccurate or non-verified stock counts.

Industry Use Cases

  • Healthcare companies can take inventory and register deliveries more effectively by scanning barcodes or QR codes using mobile device cameras, helping hospitals and healthcare facilities maintain JCO compliance.
  • Landscaping companies can keep their valuable equipment more secure by performing daily inventory checks of their trailers and tools before and after a landscaper is onsite.
  • Transportation businesses can closely track deliveries, reduce theft, and provide customers with accurate electronic updates about when their products should arrive.
  • Construction firms can take stock of all equipment left at a work zone overnight each morning with digital inventory checks that are more efficient (allowing them to better protect their assets). Plus, when a project is complete, businesses in this industry can perform more organized and less time-consuming cleanup by recording each piece of equipment collected from the field electronically.

Given the many different applications and benefits of inventory management using TeamWherx™, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are using our solution to streamline their processes. Schedule a quick, free demo to learn more about how our platform can make your inventory management system more accurate, cost-efficient, and transparent today.

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