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If you’re running a field service company, customer experience (and reducing any potential negative impacts to it) is a strong foundation on which to build your business. Enhancing your field service management starts with streamlining your employees’ day-to-day service calls and using data to create smarter operational strategies. Use these 10 quick tips to increase savings, output, and efficiency while you manage your field service team:

  1. Acquire a solution for digital dispatching.

Doing so helps you reroute your available staff in the field with ease, serve customers quicker, and reach more of them daily.

  1. Automate paper-based processes.

Reduce the costs, delays, and inconsistencies of traditional paperwork with an electronic system for all your company’s documents.

  1. Enable employees to clock in and out from the field.

Eliminate wasteful trips to the office by staff and limit high expenses from unnecessary overtime.

  1. Enhance communication channels from the field to the office.

Provide your field techs with multiple ways to reach administrators at the office to keep projects on schedule and enhance accountability.

  1. Accept new service requests digitally.

Take on more business and put your workforce in a better position at the beginning of each workday to serve more customers.

  1. Track the near real-time positions of your employees, vehicles, and assets.

Enhance security, accountability, and safety for each of your workforce’s various components.

  1. Consolidate systems and integrate data.

Make the business insights your company needs easier to access and reduce manual data entry.

  1. Study analytics about your workforce’s performance.

See where efficiency can be improved and make smarter decisions about work order distribution via reports.

  1. Allocate resources based on availability and specializations.

Distribute workloads evenly to ensure productivity is streamlined; plus, assign tasks requiring more advanced skillsets as needed to reduce project delays.

  1. Get customer feedback after every service call.

See how you can improve service and quality control by collecting input from clients on how they feel their individual experiences are going.

If you’re interested in a single solution with which to accomplish each of these 10 key tips, look no further than TeamWherx™. TeamWherx™ is Actsoft’s premier digital platform for field service management, offering multiple features within a single software to help make workforce coordination easier and more efficient. Our solution’s ability to help you collect detailed insight about the ways your workforce is functioning allows you to increase profitability and productivity for your business. Revolutionize your field service management capabilities today using the power of our platform!

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