Landscaper completing a work order

Situation: A landscaping company needed a way to automatically reimport orders into TeamWherx™ on a weekly basis and make this a reoccurring process given the seasonality in service calls. Rather than managing this process manually, the company wanted to ensure that certain jobs are automatically scheduled each week during the busy season.

Solution: Thanks to our solution’s ability to integrate with Azure Table Storage, form submission data from completed work orders can be exported to Microsoft Azure and then automatically reimported into our software in a repeatable manner. This means the company has more control in managing recurring work orders for efficiency and productivity.

Impact: With the power of this integration, the company saves time by eliminating manual inputs each week.  The integration also helps the company provide better and more frequent service to their regular customers, even as their customers’ needs change throughout the year and a particular season. This capability reduces the inefficiencies related to manual paper-based work orders and associated costs so they can position themselves for long-term growth.

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