Semi truck driving on highway

Scenario: A transportation company sought to optimize their routes to maximize fuel efficiency and lower transit times without sacrificing customer service and their brand’s equity. Increased fuel costs were resulting in higher fees for customers, which was hurting the company’s reputation and putting their long-term growth plan at risk.

Solution: By utilizing our API integration, the company could send Actsoft .CSV files of work orders from their route optimization software, C2Logix. The company now had a centralized location they could link work orders to optimized routes and dispatch them to drivers at the start of each day.

Impact: This connection (between work orders and optimized routes) saves the transportation company time and money daily. These savings are leveraged back into the customer experience as the company can provide greater transparency into transit times while cutting back on fuel costs and delivering better customer value. By streamlining the route optimization process, the business is now able to exceed short-term and long-term growth goals.

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