Managing a mobile workforce remotely

With the summer months right around the corner, now is the perfect time for managers with mobile and deskless workforces to make sure their operations are in full swing and at maximum capacity. Here are some tips to help operations management find new ways to save money, optimize their workforce on a daily basis, and streamline workflow and onsite processes to better serve customers.  These workforce management tips are designed to help set up your summer for success and drive long-term growth.

Cut Out the Paper

One of the easiest ways to optimize your mobile workforce for the summer is to cut back on paper and manual processes. Not only will you save money on paper costs and be an eco-friendlier company, but you can also cut back on the inefficiencies that come with manually managing paper such as lost, damaged, or illegible documents and time-wasting manual organization on the back end.

Cutting back on paper means your mobile workers can focus more on the tasks on hand rather than having to worry about paperwork or spend precious time repeatedly handling mundane document management tasks that could yield risks.

Hold Employees Accountable

The summer months are the busy seasons for many different industries, so you’ll want to make sure your employees are acting ethically and with accountability while in the field and using equipment. Disruptions to daily operations like misrepresented timesheets or damage to vital assets while on the job need to be minimized so your business can serve customers more efficiently and keep employees safe.

Monitoring their locations in the field and making it easy for them to clock-in and -out will help you stay informed as to the behaviors and habits of your mobile workers. Quickly identifying inefficiencies in your workforce will enable you to make productivity changes when necessary.

Dynamic Customer Service

To meet the evolving demands and expectations of customers, increasing flexibility and responsiveness in the field will make a huge difference in your business’s productivity and reputation. Being able to stay agile on the job and responding to changes or emergencies in the field sets your business apart from other competition. This comes from insights gathered from the field and knowing where all your employees are at any time so you can make changes on the fly.

Partner with TeamWherx™

TeamWherx™ offers a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile workforce management solution that can be custom-tailored to fit your needs and budget. Our Wireless Forms feature centralizes document management and helps the transition to digital paperwork be more seamless. Mobile Timekeeping uses GPS-stamped timesheets, so you know how your employees are spending time in the field to boost accountability. Our Dispatching Scheduler helps you plan schedules out and respond to changes in the field more dynamically so you can better service more customers quickly.

Learn more about TeamWherx™’s features and benefits and how we can help you position your business for long-term growth this summer.

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