Employee scheduling assignments

Situation: A non-emergency medical transport company noticed their employees had an increased amount of overtime in the field. The company’s administrators needed to find a way to accurately track these overtime hours and process them more efficiently to ensure payroll accuracy.

Solution: TeamWherx™ enables the non-emergency medical transport company to seamlessly export timesheet data (including overtime logs) in .CSV format and pull that data into the accounting system they already utilize, QuickBooks Online. With the power of this integration, the company’s administrators can easily manage timesheets for employees in the office and field alike and gain more insight into the time management of their employees while streamlining their payroll process.

Impact: The non-emergency medical transport company easily syncs regular and overtime data via .CSV files any time, providing benefits such as saved time and improved employee retention from being able to accurately and reliably pay their employees. Also, without any restraints on handling overtime hours and costs, drivers and workers in the field and office can focus on providing a higher standard of safety, care, and patient experience to help drive revenue in the long-term.

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