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Taking on more jobs is the best way for service-based organizations to grow their businesses and revenue streams. However, it can be a balancing act to attract and service new business while also continuing to manage current customers – without spreading your workforce’s resources too thin! Here are three ways to obtain and schedule more jobs, while ensuring your workforce has the available bandwidth.

Accept new service requests 24/7.

Only accepting new service requests during business hours severely limits your ability to address new customer requests. Providing a way for any customer to request service from your business on your website (or via your social media channels) helps you to view newly submitted service requests at the beginning of each day and distribute your employees more efficiently. Moreover, having an extended-hours dispatcher (and after-hours technicians) can also help you by ultimately driving more revenue for your business. Having an expanded timeframe to accept more jobs allows you regularly attract and satisfy more customers.

Communicate and schedule your specialized services. 

Openly advertising the various skillsets of your workforce also helps you target more clients in a specialized way by allowing them to select the right types of service more specifically. This is a crucial way to limit productivity lapses and ensure that more advanced tasks have qualified employees working on them (particularly if they require certain certifications to be completed). However, for all your other typical work orders, you should select your nearest available employee in the field and send them to the newly identified work location to sustain output and avoid leaving your customers without efficient service.

Implement workforce tools to deliver efficiently with excellence.  

New technologies can help you effectively manage your deskless employees and ensure your staff have ample time each day to serve new and recurring customers. The more time your employees spend with customers (free of manual administrative processes), the more they can delight your customers and reduce unnecessary travel to your office. Plus, with additional free time each day from fewer mundane and costly manual processes, you can spend more time rolling out new marketing strategies to bring in more business.

Obtaining and scheduling more jobs is how your service-based business can drive more revenue. Are you sure your workforce has every tool necessary right now to maximize service to all customers?

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