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Scenario: An HVAC company used Pipeliner, an application for customer relationship management, to manage their client profiles. They required an easy method to create new customers in TeamWherx™ using the previously entered data from Pipeliner (free of the need to type everything twice into both systems).

Solution: Using exported information from Pipeliner, the HVAC company could generate new clients in TeamWherx™ automatically. The applications’ ability to exchange data with each other helped streamline their process of creating new client profiles.

Impact: The HVAC company sees enhancements in efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience by importing client information from Pipeliner into TeamWherx™. Their administrators have increased flexibility when managing data and are able to communicate new service requests more clearly to their technicians, with verified customer data already in the TeamWherx™ system when they begin to dispatch new orders.

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