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Scenario: A landscaping company needed a way to import their workers’ timesheet data into their accounting software, QuickBooks Online, from TeamWherx™. The company was already using TeamWherx™ to track their workers’ time in the field, but they needed a more streamlined way of taking this data and importing it into QuickBooks Online to save time and lessen the amount of manual data entry they had to do.

Solution: TeamWherx™’s ability to integrate with QuickBooks Online allowed the landscaping company to import their timesheet information, so each of their employees’ individual logs of worked hours could be readily available in QuickBooks Online (once the data was submitted).

Impact: Thanks to this integration, the landscaping company saves money and time, without having to research and sign up for an additional third-party time tracking software. Plus, with a more optimized time management and payroll process for their employees, the company can focus on other aspects of their day-to-day operations with additional peace of mind.

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