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Scenario: A field service company was spending too much unnecessary time manually extracting data from work orders in TeamWherx™ and inputting it into other systems they leverage, like Microsoft OneDrive. They needed an easier way to handle this work order transcription process, so they could reduce the amount of manual data entry in their process.

Solution: Our application enables the field service company to export work order information and data more efficiently as flat files in .CSV format. This optimizes their data management and prevents their administrators from having to manually enter the information twice into two different systems. They can take the flat files and import the data from them more easily.

Impact: Thanks to our platform’s ability to allow exporting work order data in .CSV format, the field service company reduced the amount of manual data entry they originally required. They now had a more centralized, streamlined way of collecting and managing information from the work orders. This saved time, resulting in increased profitability and optimization of their current resources.

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