HVAC technician fixing air conditioning system

Scenario: An HVAC company used TeamWherx™ to process their paperwork digitally. They saved the data from these electronic forms in Google Sheets once their documents had been completed, but they sought a more efficient way of adding the information to Google Sheets (without the need to manually enter it in).

Solution: The HVAC business worked with our Professional Services team to export data from their digital documents in TeamWherx™ into new rows in Google Sheets. This streamlined the data management process and also offered an added benefit of reducing any inconsistencies related to duplicate input.

Impact: Thanks to the power of being able to import data into Google Sheets, their company focused more on creating positive customer experiences and helped eliminate unnecessary time spent on manual recordkeeping. They also experienced reduced costs and faster turnaround times when saving completed work order data (resulting from a decrease in entry errors).

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