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Scenario: A security company needed to update the start and end times of various work orders in a more efficient way. They wanted to be able to have calendar event updates in Google Calendar automatically correspond to the “in progress” and “complete” statuses of each work order in TeamWherx™.

Solution: With the power of integration, data from work orders in TeamWherx™ was used to automatically update calendar events in Google Calendar. Start and end times were updated as calendar events any time the corresponding work order in TeamWherx™ was updated.

Impact: Managers could better track the effectiveness and progress of their various work orders, helping to optimize customer experience even more (while reducing manual data entry). They also were able to use our software’s GPS Tracking feature to ensure their security guards remained on-site for the entire duration of a customer’s request, as well as help further verify that the statuses of work orders were truly accurate and not falsified.

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