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Scenario: A transportation company needed an effective way to import and export data (in flat file format) to/with Microsoft OneDrive, where they securely stored all of their organization’s documents and other important information. Manual data entry into OneDrive was hurting their business’s ability to scale and be truly productive, as it took too much valuable time away from their office manager’s priorities on a daily basis.

Solution: Our solutions’ ability to help the transportation company collect the data they regularly needed was important, but so was its ability to exchange this data with systems like OneDrive. Information could be imported/exported as flat files, making it easier for office managers and administrators to reduce manual data entry.

Impact: By exchanging data as flat files using our solution and OneDrive, the transportation company could devote more of its resources to new business strategies and help scale its operations more effectively. The accuracy of their data was also improved, with a reduction in manual entry.

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