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Workforce Management and the Return on Investment: Vehicles, Part II

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Last week, we explored the management of the vehicles within your workforce. We primarily focused on the benefit that tracking your equipment provides against theft. While defending against theft is imperative, it is not the only way to manage the non-human components of your workforce. Vehicles, in order to continue to contribute to your business

Workforce Management and the Return on Investment: Vehicles, Part I

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Over the last few weeks, we have been tackling the return experienced after investing in wireless forms, dispatching, and timekeeping. While integral in increasing the overall efficiency of a workforce, these aspects all have a common lynchpin: the human element. There exists another element of the workforce that, while a bit less prone to going

3 Ways Comet Fleet Benefits School Buses

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The school bus system is the lifeblood of the education system. Reliant upon the safe retrieval and transportation of students each and every day, bus drivers deliver children to-and-from the heart of learning like the red blood cells circulating through our veins. The constant and seamless circulation of the school bus system requires perpetual maintenance

How the NCAA’s Travel Office Pulls the Strings on March Madness

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March Madness is upon us and the tournament is currently in full swing. While fans focus on established powerhouse basketball programs facing off against the new Cinderella stories each tournament presents, they remain completely unaware of a different mad dash going on behind the scenes. Making this tournament a possibility takes an exorbitant amount of

Is the Zero-Emissions Vehicle Initiative Picking up Speed?

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A zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) is an automobile that releases zero tailpipe pollution from its’ onboard source of power. The need for zero-emission vehicles is apparent, as we look to protect our environment. The International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance) is a conglomeration of several national governments who’ve come together to develop and promote ZEV technology.

Autonomous Trucks

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Earlier this year we did a piece about the potential for autonomous trucks, or trucks that drive themselves. The blog post stemmed from an article in FleetOwner which outlined the technology that could one day lead to driverless vehicles. FleetOwner has an update to their piece. The initial article was focused on how technology can

Will Self-Driving Trucks Ever Be a Thing?

By |2019-03-12T14:57:33-04:00January 14th, 2015|Advanced Wireless Forms, Comet Fleet|

Yes. Trucks that operate without a driver. An article from FleetOwner shows online technology could be headed to a future where trucks will be able to drive themselves. For truck drivers and fleet owners alike this revelation may come as a shock — the thought of a fleet of trucks, unmanned, bearing the company logo

This Company Saved Over $60,000 in Just One Year!

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When Gardner-Watson Decking, a 55-plus employee operation that encompasses 10 to 14 crews, needed help cutting down costs, optimizing their time and tracking their assets, they turned to Actsoft. Paperless Office Drawn to Actsoft’s GPS features for their fleet and the paperless forms solution, Gardner-Watson chose two of Actsoft’s most popular products, Comet Fleet and

Why Efficient Dispatching Can Save Money and Jobs

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Nothing motivates an industry to be more efficient than a competitor who’s providing the same service faster, cheaper, and maybe even better. This is especially apparent in the taxi vs. Uber/Lyft debate in recent months. Taxi drivers complain they can’t compete with private drivers because of regulations they must abide by which the latter are

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