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With increased awareness in road safety coupled with new regulations to ensure drivers are well-rested and practicing good driving behavior, fleets are demanding technology that helps them stay safe and compete in the marketplace.

For years now, many companies have tracked vehicles to ensure they’re driven safely as well as to prevent theft. While this gives insight into each vehicle, it doesn’t necessarily tell companies how their drivers are behaving. Since many vehicles are driven by multiple drivers, it could take management countless hours to figure out who drives which truck when. This amount of work each week can cost a company thousands of dollars and man-power hours.

This is where convenience comes in. Actsoft now offers a solution for companies who want to track their vehicles and drivers: Driver ID. The Driver ID is a small device that fits on a key ring and each one is assigned a driver. Now when someone gets in a vehicle they simply swipe their Driver ID to the vehicle. This device can also be used for clocking in and out (Mobile Timekeeping). By doing this, management can identify who was driving a particular vehicle at any given time. This kind of information not only saves time, but it also protects the company, your drivers, and your vehicles.

Because Driver ID is so convenient, the likelihood of this technology making your company money is incredible. Many times software or hardware solutions have great benefits but are too complicated or time-consuming to execute. Experts state that the more convoluted the technology’s process, the less likely companies are to use it. Think of how many memberships you have that go to waste each month.

With Driver ID, drivers simply swipe and they’re done — the rest of the work is happening silently, in the background.

Here are few commonly asked questions:

  • Can I tell if my employee is driving aggressively? Driver ID sends full driver behavior reports so you can see, at a glance, what each driver is doing and identify patterns quickly. Whether they’re fast braking, wasting gas by idling excessively, or speeding, you can make sure your drivers are following the rules and even reward the ones who have great reports!
  • If a driver does not swipe their Driver ID and the vehicle is started, will the office be know? Yes! This is a great way to prevent theft as well as to remind drivers to clock in.
  • Does Driver ID help with scheduling? Absolutely. Management can see who’s clocked in and where they are. This makes scheduling deliveries and jobs easy, fast, and accurate.

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