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Give credit to higher fuel costs for pushing truck makers to seek inventive ways to make trucks more aerodynamic. Even President Obama agreed back in 2009 that trucks are currently a necessity. So how can we curb the massive fuel consumption from these big rigs? His solution: The SuperTruck initiative. This resulted in approximately $284 million in spending between the Department of Energy and the industry, and is aimed to make trucks more fuel efficient. The push to make these class-8 trucks more fuel efficient is in the numbers, according to the Department of Transportation; in 2010, heavy-duty trucks accounted for approximately 4 percent of registered vehicles, but they consumed about 20 percent of the fuel in the United States.

One project backed by this initiative is the Cummins-Peterbilt SuperTruck. As of April 2014, this truck is getting 10.7 mpg — that’s about two more miles than average, quite a bit when you calculate it over days, months, and years.

Just recently, a new truck hit the scene called the Airflow Bullet Truck, manufactured by the Airflow Truck Company. This new aerodynamic behemoth claims to have averaged 13.4 mpg, an astounding amount considering that it was hauling a 65,000-pound load from Connecticut to California.

While these numbers are appealing to any fleet owner, it would cost a mint to get these new trucks now. However, there are economical solutions to wasting fuel so that you can save hundreds and even thousands a month. One of the most effective ways to monitor driver behavior and ensure your profits aren’t spent idly is to get driver behavior reports sent straight to you. These reports, via solutions like Comet Fleet, will let you know if your drivers are in the habit of idling, or fast acceleration and braking — all common behaviors that drain the fuel tank and increase liability.

Fleet owners who adopt this technology all echo the same message: It’s easy and it’s the fastest way to bulk up your bottom line. Find out how you can save today, one of our experts will be happy to walk you through our money-saving solutions.

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