Custom Lists

Custom Lists in Encore’s Web Application

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Recently, we added the Custom Lists feature to our Encore solution, a tool that makes it so much easier for you to manage and upload information to your digital forms within the application. Custom Lists is available to customers using either Encore Essentials, Encore Ultimate, Encore Vault Essentials, or Encore Vault Ultimate. It works

Supply Chains and Shortages: Actsoft Solutions at Work

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The ongoing pandemic’s effect on global supply chains is profoundly impacting the ways we deliver and process goods. With various trade epicenters around the globe being affected by both strained resources and limitations on the number of employees that can safely be working together in a common location, many unanticipated difficulties are now reality.

Custom Lists: A Time-Saving Addition to Wireless Forms

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We’re always looking for ways to improve our software, to make it even more robust so your jobs are easier and you’re more able to focus on the bigger picture, rather than the time-consuming, nitty-gritty details. One of our newest features is one that will undoubtedly save you a tremendous amount of time, allowing