Commercial Motor Vehicle Medical Certificates

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Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers have long had to comply with various safety precautions to ensure they’re alert on the road during long drives and amid poor driving conditions. One of these mandates is a clean bill of health. The National Registry of Medical Examiners was created to reduce highway accidents according to the Federal

Three Things Successful Fleet Managers Never Do

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Managing a fleet of vehicles is a grand task for whoever decides to take it on. In addition to propelling their workforce to specific levels of productivity and efficiency, managers must also ensure the safety of their workforce and encourage the development of positive habits. Below are a few things successful fleet managers never do.

Don’t Let the Weather Freeze Your Pockets

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As the temperature drops, everyone’s bills begin to rise. Of course, energy bills go up as many try to avoid the frosty outdoors. But have you noticed an uptick in how much you spend on fuel for your vehicle in winter? The freezing weather (20 degrees F) can drop a car’s gas mileage by about

ELD: The Future of Transportation

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Automation is the name of the game in 2018. Businesses are increasingly in search of ways to take old, cumbersome processes and revamp them into contemporary forces of efficiency, and transportation companies in particular are a prime example of this trend. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are becoming viewed as the true future of the shipping

5 Tips for Improving Your Fleet’s Safety

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When you’re the owner of a business with a fleet of vehicles, whether it’s a local delivery service or long-haul trucking, safety is always a primary concern. Safe driving factors in big to your company’s bottom line, including brand reputation. But when your drivers are constantly on the go, how do you keep on top

Actsoft’s Applications in the Shipping Industry

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Two things that constantly hang in the balance of success for a shipping company’s daily operations are the quality of the goods they’re transporting, and the timeliness with which they’re delivered to a destination. Transportation companies today choose to make keeping both of these things optimized a priority, and many leverage them as positive differentiators

Self-Driving Vehicles and the Future of Trucking

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I feel as though it wasn’t long ago that I was sitting in my parents’ living room as a kid, staring at the fantastical world imagined as the backdrop for The Jetsons. Between robotic servants; self-driving, flying cars; jetpacks; drones; smartwatches; and myriad space-based buildings, among other things, the future looked insanely cool, but also

The Best Apps for Preventing Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving — and the wave of devastation that comes with it — is a major issue today. In 2015, it was the cause of nearly 10 percent of all U.S. motor vehicle fatalities and around 16 percent of overall automobile injuries. Cellphone use has taken the forefront as the target goal for distracted driving

Trucking, Tracking, and Safety

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A lone truck driver was traveling along a cliff-side roadway, midway through completing a long haul. While navigating one of the roadway’s curves, the brakes fail. The truck, its cargo, and driver all go over the edge, with no witnesses to the incident … Elsewhere, winter snows assault another driver as he travels into the

Distracted Driving & The Workforce

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This story is a familiar one: A lone person is driving along an often-traveled route, confident in their ability to navigate without giving the road their full attention. Their phone, sitting in a cup-holder to their right, vibrates with a notification. The driver picks up the phone. It is a simple text: “What do you

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