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The importance of caring for employees is vital for many companies, especially when the employees have helped in the growth and success of the company. Keeping the work environment a place where employees can grow professionally, can sometimes be a hard task for employers. In order to retain employees, whether they’re the newbie in the office or hold the senior position, the work environment should be a place where employees feel appreciated for their contribution.

High turnover rates for some companies are a huge struggle that’s faced each year and in some cases each month. Most employers want to offer their employees a happy work environment, but as the pressures of pursuing daily business and the need to increase daily revenue take precedence, the idea to have a happy workplace is out the door. Chances are when employees aren’t happy in the workplace they leave one-by-one, which causes the company to lose more money by hiring new employees. Keeping employees happy is more cost effective for companies that are managing on a nickel and dime budget. The Huffington Post reported, that on average a company can spend about 150 percent of the departing employee’s salary in recruiting, hiring and training a new employee.

Learning the secrets to retaining employees and improving the workplace, could change the struggle of a high turnover rate to having happy and dedicated employees.

1. Employees want to feel valued

No matter what popular opinion says, people love to feel valued and appreciated, it’s just a fact of life. No one wants to be a part of an organization or company where their thoughts or ideas aren’t appreciated or wanted. Forbes suggests, that employers have to remind employees that they add something to the company that one else can. Employers have to remember that the relationship between the employee and the company can almost be viewed as marriage. Let’s face the facts that no one wants to be in a marriage where they aren’t appreciated. In the same way, that no one wants to work for a company where their contributions, ideas, and suggestions don’t hold any value.

2. Spell out your company’s mission, value, and philosophy

You don’t want your employees coming to work only seeking to get a paycheck, no one wants that feeling of working to only pay the bills. Most employees pride themselves on growing professionally in their current roles, so working for the dinero, leaves employees feeling unmotivated, unsuccessful, and flat-out bored with the company.  Who wants to feel this way about their job? According to Honkiat technology design inspiration, having open discussions gets employees involved and allows them to share their views and perspectives on how to achieve company goals.  Having a clear view of the company’s mission and philosophy gives employees a clear sight on how they can be an active member of the company.  You want all hands on deck and no one sitting on the sidelines. Growing professionally isn’t only for the employee, but it’s also for the employer. A successful business is built on the foundation of successful employees, your business can’t excel if your employees aren’t growing professionally.

3. Help your employees develop a healthy work-life balance

It’s hard, in today’s workforce to find devout and hard-working employees, but once they are found most employers want to horde them and pile their desk high with new work to complete. Although employees may feel flattered by being noticed for their hard work and dedication, they still want to feel cared for by their employer. Having a healthy work-life balance give employees that sense of being valued by their employer. Honkiat technology design inspiration suggests that when employees fulfill various needs and goals in life, such as those of family, friends, spiritual pursuits, self-growth, then they can feel more confident about themselves and perform their best at work. Huffington Post says that employers should demonstrate to employees that their well-being is valued and needed. A healthy work-life balance provides employees with an environment where they can be innovative and creative.

4. Plan to train and develop

As the company develops, so do the products or services being offered. With company growth, there should be training to build the skill set of the employees. According to Honkiat technology design inspiration, a developed organization has a clear roadmap for training their employees to sustain and enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole. Employees want to have a clear and cut view of how to be successful in a company. Having frequent training sessions provides employees with the tools to be successful. Remember that a good work environment has scheduled training sessions for each department.

5. Recognize your employee’s hard work

Let’s be honest, people love getting accolades and praises for a job well done. Who doesn’t want to receive a pat on the back from the top executive or CEO for doing a great job? Getting positive feedback from their employers promotes growth in employees. When hard work is appropriately rewarded and duly recognized by the management, employees will naturally feel valued by the organization for what they put in, stated by Honkiat technology design inspiration.  It’s also great practice for employers to verbalize their appreciation when employees go far above and beyond.

Maintaining a happy work environment for employees can be a hard task to upkeep, and trying to avoid it can cost employers extra money in the future. Finding out how to manage daily business while making the work environment a place where employees can grow professionally, can seem impossible, but with the right tools, it’s possible. At Actsoft, we strive to give our employees a workplace where they can grow and enjoy the work they do. We take pride in providing a work environment that is conducive and supports a healthy work-life balance. To help our employees cultivate a healthy work-life balance, we offer a dream manager program that allows our employees to pursue personal goals and dreams.

In order to meet the needs of our employees and encourage growth, once a month we have company meetings where our CEO gives updates on what’s happening within the company. Each department also gives updates on the projects that they are currently working on. To further promote a healthy work environment, we recognize the employee of the month and other achievements accomplished by employeesBuilding a healthy work environment may seem hard to do, but with a little effort, it’s very possible.

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