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Daredevil, is an American web television series, created for Netflix by Drew Goddard. It is based on the Marvel Comics character Matt Murdock.

Some guys have all the luck, and then there’s Matt Murdock. For starters, it’s pretty safe to say he lost the birthplace lottery. Matt grew up in Manhattan’s infamous Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, and to be totally honest, they chose the right name for the place. They say in life there are only two certainties: 1. “You’re born.” and 2. “You’ll die.” In Hell’s Kitchen, there’s a third stipulation: “You’ll suffer.” Criminal syndicates are more embedded in the culture than wisdom teeth. The most powerful players are the Russian mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, and the Chinese Triads (spoiler alert: they play by their own rules, and those rules aren’t fair).

Matt’s life was turned upside down in a freak accident that left him blind. The accident took his eyes, but left him with advanced, other-worldly senses. It sounds like a good trade, but for him, it wasn’t. As a child, he was bombarded with the incessant, desperate cries of a dying city. His super senses painted a picture of universal pain that no one else could understand. He sensed it all, but had no real strength to help anyone (himself included). Matt’s childhood was a rough one.

Then, he lost his father under some grisly circumstances. Matt’s dad was a boxer, but more importantly, he was a fall guy for one of those powerful players I mentioned a little earlier. They made ends meet, but eventually his dad chose the path of righteousness, and he won a match he was expressly told to lose. It didn’t go over well.

Long story short, Matt meets the right people and learns to hone his razor-sharp senses to help the helpless. He goes to law school where he meets his best friend, Foggy Nelson. About 15 years pass and that brings us to the beginning of the Netflix series. Now, Matt Murdock fights crime on two fronts, by day as a lawyer and partner with the Nelson and Murdock law firm, and in the dark of night with blind fury as Daredevil.

You’ll have to consult Netflix to find out more, but there’s plenty of action and moral conundrums associated with Matt’s lifestyle choices.

Netflix’s hit show has a reoccurring theme: people management. Everything that happens is a direct result of someone’s execution of people management, or their lack thereof. The good guys have an agenda, so do the bad, the difference is organization and follow through.

Client Tracking with Actsoft

Foggy Nelson and Karen Page (Nelson and Murdock’s secretary) find themselves constantly tracking Matt. In Matt’s defense, duty always calls, as he grapples with the forces of evil for the soul of Hell’s Kitchen. Be that as it may, disappearing for days at a time is bad for business. They need him for things like talking to witnesses, working with the police, preparing for trial, and a multitude of other ins and outs required to run a three-person law firm.

The team could really benefit from Actsoft technology, especially features like GPS Tracking and geofence alerts. Here’s how those features could specifically help:

• GPS Tracking: This could give Foggy and Karen complete visibility to Matt’s current locations, and his proximity to jobs (or clients). They could keep track of Matt from a cell phone, smartphone, tablet or vehicle-mounted device.
• Geofences: This feature would allow them to enter, import or draw custom geofences on a virtual map that are used to easily identify locations or work sites.
• Geofence Alerts: Alerts would keep them aware of conditions and incidents in the field as they arise (such as Matt’s arrival and departure times from specified locations). They could use automatic alerts to send email notifications of when Matt leaves a specific area or enters a “restricted zone.”

Matt Murdock’s greatest foe is the duality he embodies. He and Foggy operate in the slums of New York, but it’s still New York. They have real bills, and the only way to stay in business is to take clients and win cases. In a melded world of heroes, vigilantes and real-life business, Actsoft technology could shed some light on where Matt spends most of his time, with simple but powerful tracking software on his own cell phone.

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