50-yard line on a football field

How hard do linemen in the National Football League hit each other?

How fast do wide receivers run their routes?

How far do teams travel during one game?

On any given Sunday, televisions tune into football across America. It is the great American spectacle, culminating annually at the Super Bowl. Football teams meet in the arena and sacrifice their bodies in an echo of ancient gladiators. There is an ever-increasing fascination with exactly how athletes execute seemingly superhuman feats during the course of play.

As Super Bowl 50 marches closer, the curiosity fueling the “how and why” behind players’ athleticism spurs a marriage of tracking technology and spectator consumption. According to Popular Mechanics “The Future Bowl” by Lara Sorokanich, the upcoming Super Bowl will feature each participating player sporting a Zebra tracking chip within their pads.

While the inclusion of tracking technology is no stranger to the NFL (its presence allowing for segments like Sports Science on ESPN and greater safety for its players), this is the first time that the audience will be able to receive metrics on their mobile devices. From their seats, fans will able to see exactly how fast a wideout had to accelerate to catch a pass forty yards down the field. Broadcasters will also receive accurate information on how fast players are moving and how far they are traveling in near real-time, allowing for more accurate and immediate statistics for their commentary.

The versatility of tracking technology is demonstrated via the breadth of its application. While the NFL uses tracking chips to monitor and relay information on its players, Actsoft has been utilizing the technology to allow customers to track and monitor their remote agents. With near real-time relaying of information within the realm of its potential, tracking represents a successful marriage of technology and consumer. Actsoft customers, much like spectators of Super Bowl 50, are able to be updated on the location and estimated-time-of-arrival of a specific agent. The synergy between that which is being tracked and the person(s) monitoring it heightens the overall experience. Ultimately, tracking and tackling mesh together like a perfect handoff right before a winning touchdown.

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