A fleet of school buses

The school bus system is the lifeblood of the education system. Reliant upon the safe retrieval and transportation of students each and every day, bus drivers deliver children to-and-from the heart of learning like the red blood cells circulating through our veins. The constant and seamless circulation of the school bus system requires perpetual maintenance and monitoring in order to ensure optimum performance. Actsoft has the means for school systems to maximize fleet management with three, straightforward features:

  1. Intelligent Tracking – Knowing the position of each and every bus is the first step towards optimizing your processes. Our Comet Fleet allows bus drivers to be tracked in near real-time, increasing their visibility. With Fleet, dispatchers can optimize driver routes to ensure they are traveling along both the quickest and safest routes. It allows for route changes to be communicated should a situation arise while drivers are away from headquarters.
  2. Sensors – Monitoring the integrity of your vehicles and the behaviors of your drivers is a lynchpin of successful transportation systems. Comet Fleet enables the review of driving behaviors like speeding, hard accelerations, or hard decelerations. The platform’s sensors can be set up to relay information when a driver swings the bus’s door arm to open and display how long he keeps them open; information that can be used to further sharpen accuracy throughout the driver’s route.
  3.  Alerts – Alerts can be established through Comet Fleet in order to immediately relay information once a particular criterion is met. These alerts can signal when a vehicle requires maintenance, allowing for proactive addressing of any issues and, thereby, reducing costs associated with vehicle negligence. Alerts relaying after-hours use and excess idle times ensure that your fleet is only being used during designated times and not sitting idly and wasting fuel.

Comet Fleet opens the door for the optimization of your school bus system. We want you to maximize your fleet so that children can, in turn, maximize their education!

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