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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas From Actsoft

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Perhaps one of the best things about working for Actsoft is the positive work environment that’s been established here. We take pride in helping to ensure that all of our employees get the most out of their jobs, and strive to create a family-oriented culture at our office that empowers everyone. With that being

Actsoft’s Dream Achievers Program Helps Individuals Succeed

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Employees at Actsoft are given the unique privilege to join Dream Achievers, a program that allows them to regularly consult professional life coach Jerry Campbell on any important goals they might have. The topics of an individual’s goals can vary. In the past, some have included saving to take an international vacation, purchasing a

5 Minutes With … Actsoft Professional Services

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Here at Actsoft, we decided to give you a little bit of a peek behind the curtain, so to speak … to have a chance to get to know some of our staff just a little bit. Over the years, we’ve had ample opportunity to get to know each of our customers, but the

5 Minutes With … Actsoft Customer Experience

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In our years of providing companies around the globe with digital solutions to help streamline processes, diminish inefficiencies, reduce waste, and save money, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know all sorts of customers. As great as it’s been getting to know everyone, we started to wonder: How much do our customers really