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It is no secret that most working adults have a deep-seeded disdain for Mondays. In fact, the hate for Mondays is so widespread that it has become a part of accepted corporate culture. While the general assumption is that Mondays are hated solely because they represent the end of the weekend, the reason for Monday’s unpopularity is a bit more complicated than that.

There are many reasons why people dislike Mondays. However, a majority of those reasons are linked to a mismanagement of time. While studies have shown that Monday and Tuesday are the most productive days of the week, that productivity appears to be birthed by negligence from the previous work-week. As employees crest “Hump Day,” productivity takes a sharp downward turn. Friday, in particular, has the most severe drop in overall productivity from the earlier portion of the work week.

Eureka! We may have discovered exactly why Monday is despised and it may not even be Monday’s fault. Employees make it possible to experience their own Monday Blues by shirking their duties in anticipation of the previous weekend. The drop-off of productivity between Monday and Friday is a startling 35%, creating a figurative traffic jam of tasks for employees. These tasks all get rolled over onto the next week. The mismanagement of time after Hump Day is the primary culprit in the case of the Monday Blues.

Actsoft happens to know a thing or two about resource management!

Managing workforce efficiency is the driving force behind AT&T’s Workforce Manager business solution. Every action an employee commits throughout the workday from break time to task completion, impacts the overall productivity of a company. In order to increase productivity, the efficiency of each individual must be enhanced as well.

How Actsoft solutions can cure a case of the Monday Blues

  • Tracking individual locations can assist managers in understanding where employees are spending their work hours. Monitoring their movements dissuades employees from wasting precious work hours.
  • Providing a means for employees to accurately capture their clock-in and -out times, ensuring the full workday is utilized.
  • Wireless Forms reinforce data capture practices, reducing time wasted on lost forms and data acquisition.
  • Coordinating a constant, fluid dispatching channel to designate workers nearest a job site. Expeditious response times allow for more tasks to be done later in the week, so things aren’t avoided until Monday.

Actsoft has the necessary prescription to alleviate a case of the Mondays. The increased transparency has, historically, kept employees on task, increasing overall workforce efficiency. With an increased efficiency, the productivity decline attributed to the latter half of the week is lessened, the burden workers return to after the weekend. If a case of the Monday Blues is the diagnosis, I’d advise the company to take some tracking and timekeeping, mixed with a little dispatching, then call us in the morning.

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