Asset Tracking

Stocks, Assets, and Work Site Tracking

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For many investors, it’s a common belief that maintaining a diverse financial portfolio is an effective way to minimize risk. To those who follow this strategy, the idea is that holding stocks in multiple different sectors can potentially offset some of the losses that would’ve arisen from having placed all their chips on a

Superheroes, Assets, and the Benefits of Tracking

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In the last couple of weeks, fall premieres began to steadily flood into television sets around the country. After months of agonizing — that may be too strong of a word, but just go with it, okay? — over the futures of beloved characters in the wake of season finale cliffhangers, we’re finally able

Industry Spotlight: Actsoft Solutions in Agriculture

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Agriculture has remained essential to human existence over the course of history. As society has developed, the process of growing and harvesting crops has become even more efficient than ever before, thanks to developments in technology over time which have helped this particular industry expand in terms of both volume and future potential. Farming

Natural Wonders: 5 Spectacular Lakes to Visit

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You’ve been running your business the same way since its inception. So what’s the incentive in changing things now, if what you’ve been doing thus far works well enough? Why switch things up when you’ve been able to keep your company up and running, doing things on your own? If it ain’t broke, don’t

The Versatile Solutions of GPS Technology

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The creation of a Global Positioning System (GPS) has brought extra convenience and powerful business applications alike into the lives of modern-day people. Things such as locating lost equipment, estimating lengths of travel, and even visiting unfamiliar places have become so much easier to accomplish through the concept of GPS, and the system’s versatility makes

Welding: A Trade That’s Becoming More Valuable Than Ever

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Welding is a profession that makes everything from wrought-iron fencing to skyscraper infrastructure possible, and in today’s ever-modernizing world, it couldn’t be more important. The process of transforming raw metals into specialized objects is a fascinating one to watch, and with torches often times reaching temperatures in excess of 5,000 degrees when heating up metals,

Coachella: Festival Production and Behind-the-Scenes Prep

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Every year, thousands of music fans don their elaborate bespoke flower crowns and haute hippie dresses, fire up their selfie sticks, and flock to the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, for one of the biggest festivals of its kind: Coachella. The see-and-be-seen carnival of melodic performances began taking over this once-sleepy town in the

3 Must-See National Parks in North America

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North America is home to some of the most breathtaking national parks in the entire world. Sculpted mountains, idyllic lakes, and diverse flora span as far as the eye can see, drawing in travelers craving a taste of serenity from all around the globe. At locations such as these, feeling awestruck is a routine occurrence,

How Can I Prevent Expensive Repairs to My Car?

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Routine car maintenance is an important thing that a lot of people tend to neglect or forget about altogether. An illumination of the dreaded “Check Engine” light is often times a scary thing for a car owner to see, and they may put off necessary vehicle checkups related to this occurrence out of fear of

Freight and Farming: Two Essential Roles in the Food Industry

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The next time you take a bite out of a slice of pizza from your favorite local eatery, you might consider taking a step back and pondering the sheer logistics that had to take place in order to allow it to be sitting in front of you. Long before the food was even first placed into