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Project Management on the Biggest Stage with Marvel, DC, and Actsoft

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Marvel and Detective Comics (DC) have been household names for the better part of the last century, having woven a complete mythology using comic books since the early 1900s. The mere mention of these franchises evokes iconic images of caped crusaders and web-slingers doing battle with countless villains. Marvel led the charge with Iron-Man (2008),

The Advent of Networking in the Business Arena

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In the business realm, successful networking can make or break potential partnerships. New business venues are often chaotic and riddled with underlying pressures as professionals look to make connections. Those who show networking prowess can potentially forge new relationships in foreign territory that can potentially change the direction of their entire business. Here are some

Transitioning From an Employee to an Entrepreneur

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Today, more and more people are finding that starting their own business is extremely difficult, but it can be both beneficial and rewarding. In recent studies conducted by the Small Business Administration, only half of new businesses will survive to see their fifth year, but the right tools can make the process of owning a

Comet EZ: Employee Tracking Made Simple

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Why work hard when you can work Comet EZ? If you manage employees in the field, this software allows you to maximize the efficiency of your staff. To put it simply, Actsoft combines GPS and wireless technology so you can manage your daily operations with a simple click of a button. Comet EZ provides GPS

What’s New at Actsoft?

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Actsoft is committed to providing the absolute best customer experience in today's Mobile Resource Management industry. Every day our Tampa-based staff works on developing software enhancements that heighten the functionality of all our products. A large part of these enhancements is based on customer input. Some are market driven. All are value-added. Here are just

You Can Do It the Hard Way or the Comet EZ Way

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If your business is looking for a web-based GPS tracking system that you want to easily deploy and instantly understand how to use, Actsoft's Comet EZ is for you. This solution will completely change the way you manage your business. It's simple, affordable, and powerful. It provides GPS tracking, wireless time clock, landmarks, geofencing, alerts, and

Money in the Bank or Money in the Tank?

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On a national basis, the average household will spend roughly $305 on gasoline in December 2010, up 13.6 percent from last year but up a whopping 76 percent from December 2008 when consumers paid about $1.65 gal for fuel. If consumers are getting hit this hard, how do you think it affects the bottom line

Monitoring Employees With GPS: It’s Not Creepy; It’s Job Security

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You can’t run from technology. It’ll find you. Today it will most likely find you by using GPS, wireless technology, or a combination of both. That cell phone your boss gave you? The really sweet one? It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. That’s strictly up to you. My boss doesn’t trust

Powerful Wireless and GPS Returns Profit Almost Immediately, so Why Isn’t Everybody Using It?

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If someone mentions GPS in a conversation by the water cooler, chances are everyone will know it stands for global positioning system. However, only one in fifty will know that GPS-enabled cell phones are the simplest, least expensive way for their company to start saving money today. Characterized by tracking dots on a map, nothing