Doctor Who and Encore’s Dispatching Scheduler

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If you’ve ever watched the science fiction classic, “Doctor Who,” you know the television series — which has spanned the course of well over half a century in its various iterations — features a zany humanoid alien who travels through space and time inside the Tardis, a cobalt blue phone booth. (It’s a lot

Use Case for the HVAC Industry: Actsoft Solutions at Work

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Companies in the HVAC industry need additional insight into the ways their mobile workforces are operating daily if both productivity and cost efficiency are to become truly optimized. Actsoft solutions can help these businesses achieve this by providing a number of digital features to give them more information about their technicians’ routine processes while

How Actsoft Solutions Can Help Businesses in the HVAC Industry

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As another industry that relies heavily on mobile workforces to get the job done, businesses in the HVAC industry can benefit immensely from workforce management solutions like the ones we at Actsoft offer. Encore, our all-in-one platform, helps HVAC companies gain and retain more business with tools for curbing paperwork use, giving their techs

How Actsoft Solutions Can Enhance Your Business in 2021

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As we head into the new year, one of the most important things any successful business does is evaluate their goals achieved in the previous year, as well as what they want to accomplish in the future. However, it isn’t always so obvious to companies what currently might be holding them back; hidden inefficiencies

Three Ways Shipping Companies Can Use Client Custom Fields

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With even more of a reliance on online shopping this holiday season than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to see how companies tasked with gift deliveries could potentially become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of volume being requested. However, for future holiday seasons (as well as day-to-day operations), Encore's new Client

Driving Tips to Stay Safe This Winter

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It’s that time of year again! With the holiday season inevitably comes winter weather, and that means snow is starting to blanket the roads all around the country. Whether your business is fleet-based, or you just have a large number of employees constantly on the road, this can pile on an additional layer of

Public Forms for the Electrical Industry

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Businesses in both commercial- and residential-servicing electrical work can benefit from using Public Forms, another one of Encore’s newest features. Public Forms allows your business’s customers to access digital forms via a secure URL, letting them fill out and submit form data at any time. Customers can provide the information you need to dispatch

Client Custom Fields for the Electrical Industry

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Client Custom Fields, one of our most recent features, is a valuable new way for companies in any industry to serve their customers more efficiently. However, for this week, we’ll specifically be taking a look at how the electrical industry can benefit from using this tool to better segment their customer lists and make

Holiday Lights and Efficient Scheduling

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This time of year, one of the most (playfully) heated battles is the question of whether it’s appropriate to put up holiday lights before Thanksgiving. After all, shouldn’t you focus on one holiday before going all out for the next? Then again, especially in the year of a rather challenging global pandemic, if something

Encore for the Electrical Industry: Commercial Versus Residential

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Our premiere business application, Encore, is versatile enough to assist companies in many different industries with their various needs, including sub-sets of these industries that may be even more specialized. For the electrical industry, our end-to-end software provides solutions for both commercial- and residential-servicing businesses, enabling their teams to run a more streamlined, efficient,

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